Welcome to Kenya Institute of Project Management
(KIPM Training Centre)


At KIPM Institute, our vision is to lead the way in offering top-notch training and consultancy services across Africa in applied project management, business management, and technology.

We are proud to be certified and accredited by NITA, TVETA, and PMI, underscoring our commitment to excellence. Our core mission is to advocate for best practices in project management, leadership, and consultancy services, ensuring professionals are equipped for success.

Over the years, numerous organizations have reaped the benefits of our expertise through research, consultancy, and training services in project and business management. Additionally, KIPM Institute offers specialized courses covering a wide array of topics such as Business Start-up, Communication Skills, Team Building, CBO Management, Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Contract Management, and Change Management.

Our clientele spans Government Institutions, NGOs, CBOs, Private Firms, and individuals seeking to refine their skills in their respective fields. Join us in shaping a brighter future for your career!

Project Management

This course is intended to equip the learner with a wide range of management skills applicable in all areas of management. KIPM offers business intelligence necessary for great success.

HR & Management

HRM or HR is the strategic approach to the effective management of people in a company or organization such that they help their business gain a competitive advantage globally.

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Finance Accounting & Banking Management

The course will bring participants up to speed in the current principles and practices of finance management.The main focus of this course will centre on the five PM processes of Initiation, Planning, Execution, Control and Close-out.

Kenya Institute of Project Management (KIPM)


Some of the organizations that have benefitted from our research, consultancy and training services:

"KIPM provided excellent training, enabling me to pass my project management exam with confidence. Their curriculum aligned seamlessly with Project Management Institute standards, ultimately facilitating my professional registration. Highly recommended for aspiring project managers."
PMP student