Established in 2006 in Nairobi, the Kenya Institute of Project Management also known as KIPM - Institute of Project Management & Technology has recently been rated as the best training African outfit earmarked to serve all our customers in business and practical management filed. 

Our aim is to provide professional education and training in areas of project management and business studies in Africa and worldwide. Currently we have expanded to provide specialized training on programs including project management, digital information technology, business management, science, engineering, media and community development studies. 


At KIPM, we focus on providing internationally recognized project management, community and business development oriented courses. We are an institution registered and operating under the laws of Kenya. The institute  is accredited by the Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Technology (No. MOHEST/PC/1668).

The Future:

In order to fulfill clients demands and globalize our courses, the institute will collaborate with other institutions to offer open and distance learning.

The Institute continues serving it's clients through in-house and long distance modules in the areas of business, IT, project management, media & digital marketing, finance and accountancy, advertising, human capital and resource, leadership, community development, communication, youth and gender, business, law and legal, engineering, research, environmental, and other professional courses.


Kenya Institute of Project Management & Technology is located on 5th floor Utumishi House at the junction of Mamlaka /Nyerere Roads, Nairobi Kenya. For more details, contact us


The institute admits students from all over the globe with major focus on international students from Africa. 


  • Principle of Project Management : Date: 22-25 Oct"18 |19-22 Nov"18 | 3-6 Dec"18
  • Monitoring & Evaluation  Date: 16-19 Oct "18 | 19-22 Nov"18 | 3-6 Dec"18
  • Project Financing & budgeting with Ms. Project Date: 22-24 Oct"18 | 21-23 Nov"18 / 10-12 Dec"18
  • Microsoft Project Seminar Date: 29-30 Oct"18 / 12-13 Nov"18 / 10-11 Dec"18
  • Leadership & Governance Skills Date: 16-19 Oct"18/ 5-8 Nov"18 / 3-6 Dec"18
  • Project Planning and Management for beginners: 23-24 Oct"18/ 26-28 Nov"18 / 10-12 Dec"18
  • SPSS Training Workshop Date: 22-23 Oct"18 /19-20 Nov"18 / 10-11 Dec"18
  • Project Management, Monitoring and Evaluation with MS Project: 22-24 Oct"18 / 13-15 Nov"18 / 10-12 Dec"18
  • Project Planning and Implementation: 16-19 Oct"18 / 12-15 Nov"18 / 4-7 Dec"18
  • Finance and Budget Management Date: 29-30 Oct"18 / 15-16 Nov"18 / 13-14 Dec"18
  • Introduction to Project Management: 23-24 Oct"18 / 21-22 Nov"18 / 10-11 Dec"18
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