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Seminar/ Workshop Payment Plan

Discount on Fee Payment
  Description Discount
Early Bird: Payment 2 weeks before the starting date of a course
Group: Payment 2 weeks before the starting date of a course with a minimum of 5 participants

Terms and Conditions of Payment

        Fees are payable strictly in advance, (5 working days before the starting date).
        Cancellations made within 5 working days of a course will incur a 20% cancellation fee.
        No cancellations will be accepted within 2 working days of a course, but substitutions may be made.
        All tuition costs must include statutory charges of 16% VAT.
        NB: Non-East African students pay 25% more on all charges.
        Dates may change due to lack of quorum.
        Please confirm start dates before leaving for the programme.
        Fee is payable ONLY  to: Project Management Group Ltd  A/c No. 0113656408200, Any Co-operative Bank of Kenya branch.

Diploma Fee Payment Plan
Students will be allowed to pay fees in the following schemes:

    Payment in full
    payment in two (2) installments
    payment in three (3) installments

Fee Refund Policy

The following fees are not refundable: Registration, Student Activity, Library, Computer Laboratory, Application Form and Student ID.

Caution money is refundable, subject to clearance.

Tuition fees may be refunded only when the student (or his guardian) officially drops out of the course within the periods stated below. The following refunds will apply:

No. of Weeks:      Charge of Fees payable in (%)
0-1                                  10
2-3                                  15
4                                     35
5                                     50
6                                     70
7                                    100-no refund

Examination fees: A refund of up to 85% might be given if the student officially drops out of the course within the first FOUR weeks of the commencement of the semester. There will be NO refund after the fourth week.

Special refunds: When a student drops out of the course due to some exceptional causes such as grave accidents, illness or death, he/she might be granted a special refund of up to 50% of tuition fees when withdrawals are made in the 3rd and 4th weeks of the semester. Full documentary evidence will be required before any refund is granted.

Expulsion/Suspension: No refund of fees shall be made to a student who has been expelled or suspended due to misconduct.

Desertion: No refund of fees shall be made to a student who does not withdraw officially from the course.

Prolonged Academic Year: When a student exceeds an extra 1 year after the academic year of their course, they will be requested to pay extra fees as per student's requested units/months follows:

Duration Requested:        Charge of Fees payable in (%)

(Months/ Units)

0-1                                  5
2-3                                  10
4                                     15
5                                     25
6                                     35
7                                     45
8                                     55
9                                     65
10                                   75
11                                   85
12                                   95
13                                   100

Official Withdrawal: the student is required to write to the Academic Registrar to request for withdrawal either for good or to request for academic leave for whatever reason. The withdrawal comes into effect after confirmation from the Registrar Academic. The effective date for the withdrawal will be the date in which the Change of Course form is submitted to the Accounts Department, not the date in which the student stopped attending classes.

Kindly note that the terms and conditions can be changed without notice, it is the responsibility of all students to be familiar with the terms and keep themselves updated.


Executive director (KIPM)

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