Kenya Institute of Project Management (KIPM) is a professional training consultancy institute established to foster project management and leadership development services in Africa. The institute is registered as an educational training college involved in training, research and consultancy providing quality project management courses to the individual, teams and organizations. The main aim of KIPM is to provide high quality training and academic courses in project and business management leadership to private and public organizations.

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The College was started in 2006 as a ‘centre of excellence’ in the provision of professional courses and educational programmes in

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project management, business, and leadership. Also we train in economics, technology

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and research and consultancy services. The institute is in partnership with the wider International Business and Economics College (IBEC) with several schools and centres that provide professional courses in Business, Management, Technology and Leadership based on global standards and studies. Our programs are specialized – short courses, long-term and long distance modules in business and project management, media and marketing, HR, research, economics, leadership development and environmental studies.