Advanced Diploma In Project Management

General Information
Duration: 1 year Certification: KIPM Examination Board
Many organizations need personnel with solid Project Management competence. Individuals who possess the skills, knowledge, and experiences required to successfully manage projects will increasingly be in high demand in this growing professional field. Certification is highly regarded in part because it improves one’s capability to deliver better, faster, and less expensive services and products.

The courses’ objective is to equip students with knowledge and skills in Project planning and Management and enable them to be able to involve the communities in the whole process of project implementation.

Target Group
The course is useful to learners from all disciplines who manage or are about to manage big or small projects as part of their work.

Course Content/ Units
Unit 1: Principles of Project Management
Unit 2: Elements of Management in Projects
Unit 3: Project Leadership & Governance
Unit 4: Environmental Impact Assessment & Analysis
Unit 5: Project Design, Planning & Implementation
Unit 6: Research Methods
Unit 7: Project Financing & Finance Management
Unit 8: Project & Strategic Management
Unit 9: Entrepreneurship & Project Management
Unit 10: Project Management Consultancy
Unit 11: Project Monitoring & Evaluation Reporting
Unit 12: Computer Application in Project Management


1. Project Concept Paper 
2. Practicum- Project design document development.
3. Research Project and Report  

Intake and Mode of Learning

Kindly be informed that due to high demand of our training services, competition for places is also high hence prospective students will be given admission on first come first serve basis. Only suitably qualified applicants will be considered

Modes of Study Include: Through lectures, tutorials, seminars/ journal clubs, practical and a research project.

Saturday Sessions Only – (8.30 am to 11.00 am or 11.30am to 2.00pm)
Distance Learning Only – (Meetings once a month on a Saturday)
E- Learning Only – ( Consultation and Examination done online)
Learners will be attached to a tutor to guide them in their assignments. The tutor will be somebody with PM knowledge in order to effectively supervise the student irrespective of their mode of study.

Examination Policy:
Assignments are submitted to and reviewed by designated mentors, who will be responsible for giving appropriate feedback, this interaction provides the basis for a high standard of completed work and assists the student in expediting the assignments for their chosen project.

Entry Requirements
– A recognized University Degree in any field and/or
– A recognized College Diploma in any field and a working experience of 2yrs
– The applicant should demonstrate proficiency in office computer applications Note: Only qualified applicants will be given go ahead to pay the required tuition and other forms of fees.

Distance Learning and E- Learning Mode Fees
Description Amount (Kshs)     
Application Fee ( Non-Refundable) 2,000  
Tuition Fees (Distance Learners) 120,000
Examination Fees 10,000
Assignment Defense Fees 15,000
Total 145,000
On campus (Part Time-Saturdays) Mode Fees
Description Amount (Kshs)
Application Fee ( Non-Refundable) 2,000
Tuition Fees (On campus) 135,000
Examination Fees 15,000
Assignment Defense Fees 15,000
Total 165,000
Payment Mode: Non-refundable application fee of Ksh. 2,000 to be sent with application forms and relevant certificates. Students will be allowed to pay fees in the following schemes: Payment in full payment in two (2) installments
  NB: Non-East African students pay 25% more on all charges. Fee is payable by banker’s cheque or cash deposit to:

Application and Registration Procedure
To facilitate admission, students must complete the form and return/send to us with the following relevant documents: 
– Copies of Academic certificates
– Two coloured passport size photographs
– A copy of National ID or Passport