Microsoft Project

Microsoft Project


Scheduled Dates: 25th – 26th Feb’19 | 11th – 12th March‘19 | 15th – 16th April’19 | 13th – 14th May’19 |11th – 12th June’19 | 15th – 16th Jul’19 | 12th – 13th  Aug’19 | 09th  – 10th   Sep’19 | 14th – 15th  Oct’19 | 11th  – 12th  Nov’19 | 09th – 10th  Dec’19

Duration: 2 Days


This 2 days workshop provides an excellent overview of Project Management Software (Ms. Project) and a fast track to understanding the roles and processes that ensure Project success.

Target Groups

  • Business and Technical professionals who are required to understand the principles of project management.
  • Administration staff that are required to understand the context of project management within the organisation.
  • Project team members
  • Project accountants
  • Senior managers
  • Project managers and coordinators
  • Project officers

Course Outline

The following issues will be discussed:

1. Project and Project Terms Overview

  • Theory of Project management
  • User Interface, Windows , Toolbar , Menus, Task Pane
  • Learn While You Work, Map, Traditional Help System

2. Entering and Linking Tasks

  • Entering Tasks, Setting Durations and Milestones
  • Linking: Finish to start, Unlinking
  • Predecessors and Successors

3. Navigation and Project Views

  • Keyboard Short Cuts for Views
  • Use the Got selected task Button.
  • Use View Zoom
  • Format Time-scale
  • Gantt Chart
  • Calendar View
  • Network Diagram

4. Navigation and Project Views

  • Keyboard Short Cuts for Views
  • Use the Got selected task Button.
  • Use View Zoom
  • Format Time-scale
  • Gantt Chart
  • Calendar View
  • Network Diagram

5. Task Relationships and Critical Path

  • Finish to Start, Start to Finish, Finish to Finish and Start to Start
  • Avoiding Dangling Tasks
  • Theory of Critical Path
  • Applying a Critical Path
  • Slack Time

6. Project Calendar

  • Default working Hours & Week
  • Altering Hours of Working Day
  • Setting additional Non-Working Days e.g. Bank Holidays
  • Creating New Calendars

7. Resources

  • People, Rooms, Equipment, Materials
  • Priorities
  • Leveling
  • Split tasks
  • Level Only within Available Slack
  • Resource Calendars

8. Task Constraints and Advanced Task Management

  • General Constrains
  • Hard Constraints
  • Soft Constraints
  • Scheduling Project from Start Date
  • Scheduling Project from Finish Date
  • Lag, Lead, Delay
  • Resource Driven v Fixed Duration
  • Task Calendars

9. Project Costing’s

  • Resource Costs
  • Duration Driven
  • Cost per use
  • Pro rata
  • Cost Rate Tables
  • Fixed Task Costs
  • Show Project Statistics

10. Sorting and Filtering

  • Sorting Data by Priority and Date
  • Using the Auto filter
  • Filtering Tasks

11. Producing Reports

  • Overview
  • Task Usage
  • Current Activities
  • Costs
  • Work load
  • Custom Views

12. Printing

  • Gantt Chart
  • Network Diagram
  • Calendar View
  • Page Setup Options
Payment Mode
NB: Non-East African students pay 25% more on all charges.
Fee is payable by bankers cheque or cash deposit to: ‘Project Management Group Ltd.’ A/c No. . 0470264703467Equity Bank, Moi Avenue Branch Nairobi. Swift code (EQBLKENA), Sort code (68)
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Application and Registration Procedure
To facilitate admission, students must complete the form and return/send to us with the following relevant documents: – Copies of Academic certificates – Two coloured passport size photographs – A copy of National ID or Passport – Detailed CVAt enquiry stage, the applicant is issued the official KIPM course application form downloadable at home page or Click on the icon to Download Application Form  Note: Only qualified applicants will be given go ahead to pay the required tuition and other forms of fees.
For more information, kindly contact the Training Coordinator on Tel: +254 20 2016637 or 0727 595550 or
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