CodeCourse TitleDurationDates
SCD001(III)Computer and Information Technology for Managers3 Weeks06-24 Feb”17 | 10-28 April
SCD002(III)Computer and Software Management Skills Development4 Weeks01-28 Feb”17 | 03-28 April”17 | 01-26 May
SCD003(III)Computer and Information System Management4 Weeks01-28 Feb”17 | 03-28 April”17 | 01-26 May
SCD004(III)Computerised Financial Management for Accountants3 Week06-24 Feb”17 | 10-28 April
SCD005(III)Record and Data Management (Computerised Systems)4 Weeks01-28 Feb”17 | 03-28 April”17 | 01-26 May
SCD006(III)Advanced Computer Programme For Execution Assistants4 Weeks01-28 Feb”17  | 01-26 May
SCD007(III)Computer and Date Security Management4 Weeks01-28 Feb”17  | 01-26 May
SCD008(III)Computer Auditing and Internal Control4 Weeks01-28 Feb”17  | 01-26 May
SCD009(III)Management Information System for Managers4 Weeks01-28 Feb”17  | 01-26 May
SCD010(III)General Computer Applications For Manager4 Weeks01-28 Feb”17  | 01-26 May
SCD011(III)Database Design and Maintenance4 Weeks01-28 Feb”17  | 01-26 May
SCD012(III)Customized Integrated Computer Applications4 Weeks01-28 Feb”17  | 01-26 May
SCD013(III)Computer Networking from Planning to maintenance4 Weeks01-28 Feb”17  | 01-26 May 
SCD014(III)Information Technology for Non- IT Executors3 Weeks06-24 March”17 | 03-21 April 
SCD015(III)IT Security and Control3 Weeks06-24 March”17 | 03-21 April 
SCD016(III)Advanced IT for Audit Control Management3

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06-24 March”17 | 03-21 April 
SCD017(III)Computer and Software Management Skills4 Weeks01-28 Feb”17  | 01-26 May 
SCD018(III)Advanced Database Management Programme4 Weeks06-31 March”17  | 03-28 April 
SCD019(III)Electronic Data and Records Management3 Weeks06-24 March”17 | 03-21 April 
SCD020(III)Advanced Computer Network Adminstration3 Weeks06-24 March”17 | 03-21 April